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  09.06.2023 - Litter "D"

Litter "D" is arrived ! Long night and day we went through, but all worth it. Six beautifull babies arrived with good health and a bit of colour variationts. 2 girls and 4 boys. Mommy is a hero, she is doing well and doing her best with her first litter .


 27-28.05.2023 - Krajowa Wystawa Psów Mysliwskych RZESÓW, Lesna Wola a XIV Miedzynarodowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych RZESZÓW, Lesna Wola

 11.05.2023 - Litter "D"

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the new generation in our kennel. This litter is very special combination belarus and russian blood with perfect pedigree and 100% healthy results. Puppies are expected to be born around June 10, 2023, and I can't wait to see them.

  29-30.04.2023 - Marathon Dogshow Miskolc, 06.05.2023 - XXXIII Krajowa Podkarpacka Wystawa Psów Rasowych Krosno

At the end of April and beginning of May, we attended two dogs exhibitions abroad with Maja - Opulent Sunshine LASTER GOLD  and Hoya - Amazing Hoya SnowWhite Beauty. Our goal was to take first place at least one day and start the youth Champion in that country and Hoya to finished Polisch Beauty Champion. We returned home with the feeling of a job well done and with such results:

29.04.2023 - Marathon Dogshow Miskolc, HU -CACIB - Maja - youth class/ Exc.2, judge: Mr. Enrico Drudi (SM)

29.04.2023 - Marathon Dogshow Miskolc, HU - CAC - Maja - youth class/ Exc.2, judge: Mrs. Oksana Sentimrei (UA)

30.04.2023 - Marathon Dogshow Miskolc, HU -CACIB - Maja - youth class/ V1HPJ, CAJC, J-CACIB, BOJ, BOS, judge: Mrs. Olga                                                                                                                                                                       Sinko Kupryanova (SLO)


06.05.2023 - XXXIII Krajowa Podkarpacka Wystawa Psów Rasowych Krosno,PL - Maja - youth class/ Exc.1 CAJC, BOJ, BOS, 

06.05.2023 - XXXIII Krajowa Podkarpacka Wystawa Psów Rasowych Krosno,PL - Hoya - working class/ Exc.1 CAC

          judge: Wojciech Burski, PL


with this Maja becomes a candidate for junior Interchampion and a candidate for Hungary and Polisch junior  Beauty Champion , Hoya is very close to the title Champion of Beauty valid in Poland.



26.03.2023 - CAC Salgótarján, Hungary

On Sunday March 26 We set off from Benice to the Hungarian city of Salgótarián. I was accompained with my dogs. Maja - Opullent Sunshine LASTER GOLD and Apple - Gravity of love LASTER GOLD. In Salgótarján there is a dog show which take place every year. For Apple it was the show after a long time without such an activity and for Maja it was a first exhibition in youth class. Both Apple and Maja succeeded in the run in very good shape.

Maja was titled Excellent - Exc.4. Meaning she was fourth among 10 young beaches present as the youngest only 9 month old. Apple was Excellent 1&CAC&BOS in champion class. She is very close to the title Champion of Beauty valid in Hungary.

MAJA - Opullent Sunshine LASTER GOLD - Excellent 4, judge: Orsolya Vig

APPLE- Gravity of love LASTER GOLD - Excellent 1&CAC&BOS, judge: Orsolya Vig


17-18-19.02.2023 - IDS CACIB - FCI Nitra 2023

A three-day long international dog show in Nitra was the first opportunity for our youngest – Maja – Opulent Sunshine Laster GOLD – to show herself. Because it was her first show, we aimed to socialize and see how she reacts to the new environment. I didn't expect much in terms of standings, based on the statistics I had seen. However, Maya walked beautifully and reacted well to judges and other dogs, as well as to the open-spaced hall. In the baby class, she placed very well against her competition of 10 puppies from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands. I am very proud of her achievements.

17.02.2023 – baby class – VP 2/10 (very promising 2), judge: Bartošová Dana, SK

18.02.2023 - baby class – VP/10 (very promising), judge: Felzhégiová Eva, SK

19.02.2023 - baby class – VP 1/10 (very promising 1), judge: Ryk Pavol, PL

   11.02.2023 - XXVI Miedzynarodowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych CACIB Katowice 2023

On Saturday, February 2nd 2023, Apple and I headed early in the morning to Poland to an international dog show in Katowice with the hopes that we might be able to finish the championship. Apple-Gravity was in the Open class with strong competition – 10 bitches from Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. And she delivered. She managed to get the last needed CAC to become a Beauty Champion.

Apple - Gravity of love LASTER GOLD - open class, 1/10, excellent 1 CWC, judge : Renata Cepkova (CZ) and


   28.01.2023 - winter editorial 2023

This winter, we all awaited the weather to be more snowy and cold. Every owner of a four-legged pal knows that without snow, you just clean the paws after every walk. Finally, by the end of January, the weather got better. We live in the Low Tatras, so we got a proper winter with a lot of snow. Suddenly, we couldn't go outside because there was a heap of snow everywhere. We tried to have fun anyway, or maybe the dogs more than me. On a walk through the valley in Závažná Poruba, we took these lovely pictures - I didn't expect to take any photos in such weather. Big thanks again for these beautiful pictures to my friend and a dog-lover Simona Zátková – Simona Zátko Photo. Awesome job, Simca.



  21.12.2022 - Merry Christmas and all the best to you in the year 2023

Wishing everyone who knows us, as well as those who don't, all the best!!

 06.11.2022 - Opulent Sunshine LASTER GOLD - "MAJA"

Some things don’t go as planned. Even though I wanted a small bitch from the latest „C" litter – well, I even picked which one I wanted – by some force of nature, Sanny ended up in different hands, although in the same city of Liptovský Mikuláš. With Sanny ending up with our good friends, I began to wonder whether I should wait for a puppy from our own kennel or look elsewhere for a puppy that would be the perfect fit for me.

I had known that Maja was born and had been checking on her and her siblings, as I already had a very successful bitch Apple from Irina. When Irina approached me about having a golden puppy for me, I couldn’t resist. So here she is, our easy-going, fearless puppy, which has managed to wrap everyone around her paws already. This is MAJA. I hope you we’ll give you everything you need, sweetheart.

  Sire: Glamour Shine Ascending Star at Angelanato

Dam: Gudvins Riddl Intriga For Laster Gold

     Golden retriever Golden retriever 

05.11.2022 - CACT Retriever Club Versatile Trial in Borský Mikuláš

HOYA - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty - we completed 2022 in terms of work on Saturday, November 5, 2022. Top tests - HOYA completed Retriever Club Versatile Trial in 1st prize and res. CACT title. By successfully passing these tests, Hoya becomes a versatile dog registered in the book of versatile dogs under the number U 332/22 of the Slovak Hunting Association.


16.10.2022 - Litter "C" puppies

Look how our puppies grew in just 3 months in their new homes. They are no longer babies but young 5-month-old teenagers. The whole litter is great – all puppies take after both parents. Some look more like HOYA – their mom, and some like their dad. We want to thank all the owners for their amazing care. I am very happy that the puppies found such good homes. I hope they continue to make you as happy as they made us in our kennel. In the photos, you can see Nala, Teemo and Maya – with permission from the owners, of course.



15.10.2022 – CAC Club Retriever show, Kralovice, the Czech Republic

At this show in the Czech Republic, MAYA - CALL ME MAYA SnowWhite Beauty, a female from our litter „C“, walked with her amazing owner Miriam Orsgáová. Maya got a great evaluation from judge Raya Struwicka (UK) and won her baby class – she ended up with VP1/5 (very promising 1). We would like to thank the owner for such a good representation of our litter, and we wish her success at shows, as well as with her work – Mirka devotes a lot of time to Maya and together they attend training with Mrs Eva Píchová – a renowned Czech retriever breeder.



15.10.2022 – CACT Retriever Club Autumn Field Trial, Kosorín

Autumn started and so have test. With Hoya - Amazing Hoya SnowWhite Beauty, we went again to autumn trials in Kosorín 4 months after her „maternity leave“ to stay in practice. Lovely weather and great grounds brought us luck. On Saturday, Hoyka gave a perfect performance and got the full 200 points, which meant 1st prize and a CACT title. It's always a joy to be able to see the achievements of your dogs and your bred dogs.


03.-04.09.2022 - 2xCACIB Hajdúdorog Dog Show, Hungary, 17.09.2022 – CAC Special Retriever Show, Veľké Úľany

At the beginning of September, we took a family trip to the small spa town of Nyíregyháza. With Apple – Gravity of love LASTER GOLD, we managed to attend two shows in a neighbouring town of Hajdudorog and achieve awesome results. In the same month, we also tried a club show and went home with pleasing evaluations.

03.09.2022 – CACIB International Show, Hajdúdorog, HU - Apple: intermediate class - Exc.2, res.CAC, judge: Galina Kalinichenko (UA)

04.09.2022 – CACIB International Show, Hajdúdorog, HU – Apple: intermediate class - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, judge: Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh(H) - Apple has become a candidate for the Hungarian Champion of Beauty

17.09.2022 – CAC Special Retriever Show, Veľké Úľany, SK - Apple: intermediate class - Exc.2, res.CAC, judge: Liam Moran (IRL)

  09.07.2022 - Litter "C" 7,5 weeks


female - without color

female - beige

female - purple

male - blue

female - orange

female- pink

male - grey

female - yellow

male - green
08.07.2022 - Litter "C" 7,5 weeks

The puppies have already been microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed for the last time. They spend their time playing and trying out our garden. They are not in a dog run. Instead, they are at home with us and the adult dogs. We only put them into an indoor run at night, as nights and mornings are cold in our area this year.

01.-03.07.2022 - II Miedzinarodowa wystawa psów rasowych WISLA, 07.07.2022 - IDS CACIB FCI Nitra ,10.07.2022 -  XXVIII Krajowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych Nowy Targ

At the beginning of July, Apple - Gravity of love LASTER GOLD attended three shows in a row with both pleasing and surprising results. Apple was in great shape, at the beginning with great fur as well. As days were passing, she lost more and more of it, but we still managed to perform well.

02.07.2022 – International show, Wisla, PL - Apple: open class - Exc. 1 CAC, Best Beach, CACIB, BOS , judge: Monika Parasyn - Apple has thus become a candidate for the Polish Champion of Beauty

07.07.2022 – International show, IDS Nitra, SK - Apple: intermediate class - Exc. 2 res.CAC, judge: Jana Janek

10.07.2022 - Národná výstava psov, Nowy Targ, PL - Apple: intermediate class - Exc.1 CAC, judge: Grzegorz Robak


01.07.2022 - Litter "C " is 6 weeks old

The puppies spend most of their time in the garden enclosures. Only in very hot weather, they are in the inner enclosure, where they have a nice shade and are happy there. All puppies already have their new owners who come to visit and always bring gifts and toys that the little ones are very happy about, as they already tear up with joy everything they like. Next week, they will be microchipped and ready to slowly head to their new homes. Two more weeks and then each will embark on this new journey.

Vrh C Vrh C Vrh C

Vrh C Vrh C Vrh C

Vrh C Vrh C

 18.06.2022 - Litter "C" 4 weeks

The puppies have grown a bit, they can play together longer and spend more and more time in the garden with other members of the dog family. Our youngest dog, Apple, is the one who enjoys playing with the puppies the longest and has fun doing it. She's used as a fun object to be crawled over and bitten. The puppies were dewormed for the second time and had regular nail trimmings.

Vrh CVrh CVrh C

 12.06.2022 - Litter "C" 3 weeks

Our litter "C" is doing great, the puppies are growing nicely and the whole litter is very balanced. They are teething and we started to supplement with porridge, which they like a lot. All the puppies weigh over 2 kg and boys, of course, have significantly more weight. As the weather is nice and warm, we started to regularly put the puppies in the garden and they love it. For now, for a shorter time. If the weather continues to be warm, they'll stay there for longer.

Vrh CVrh CVrh C

Vrh CVrh CVrh C

 23.05.2022 - Litter "C"

On Monday 23.05.22, HOYA - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty gave birth to the long-awaited 9 golden puppies - 6 females and 3 males. For a first-time mom, Hoya did a great job and the whole birth was smooth and fast. All puppies are very active and balanced in weight, and in the first few days, they have gained a lot of weight. Furs have three different shades of gold, ranging from lighter gold to rich gold. Hojka is a great mother and from the beginning, she's been taking very good care of her babies.

07.05.2022 IDs CACIB - FCI Nitra and 15.05.2022 Club show of Retrievers CAJC/CAC Veľké Úľany

APPLE - Gravity of love Laster GOLD spent the beginning of May trying to get the last needed titles and getting closer to a Champion.

On 07.05.2022, we participated in the international show in Nitra, where Apple finished with an excellent 2, res. CAC in the intermediate class, judge: Soňa Heldová

On 15.05.2022, there was a Club retriever show CAJC/CAC in Velké Ulany. An Irish judge Mrs. Josephine Glynn gave us a beautiful review. In the intermediate class of 11 bitches, Apple finished with a rating of excellent 1, CAC. With this result, Apple met the last condition for breeding, so from a young female she became a brood bitch.

I want to thank Saška for being such a good handler. Apple and Saška are becoming a great team.

 22.04.2022 - Litter "C"

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the new generation in our kennel. This litter is very special for me because it is the first litter of our Hoya - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty, who was born in our kennel from the first litter and stayed with us. I am very glad that I managed to travel to this wonderful dog of French origin and thank its owner for allowing us to mate with him. Puppies are expected to be born around May 22, 2022, and I can't wait to see them.

Vrh C

02-03.04.2022 - Spring DUO CACIB Nitra

We started this year's show season with the premiere of APPLE - Gravity of Love Laster GOLD on the show runways. She did very well, and I am very proud of her. Even though she is only 18 months old, I enrolled her in the intermediate class so that she can try to show herself amongst other females - and she didn't disappoint.

02.04.2022 - Intermediate class, Exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB, judge: Gabriela Ridarcikova

03.04.2022 - Intermediate class, Exc.2, res. CAC, judge: Jozef Jursa

With these results, Apple has become a candidate for the Slovak champion of Beauty. And if anyone thinks that shows are easy, Apple is not one of them, and this is how she made it clear when we got back home.



8.1.2022 - Litter "B" - 7 weeks

We managed to take photos under the Christmas tree before they go to their new homes. Make your new owners as happy as you have made me, sweethearts.
















Deet - detto


7.1.2022 - Litter "B" - 7 weeks

The puppies have been growing very quickly. They have had basic vaccinations, further deworming and chipping. We already got their certificates of pedigree from the Slovak Hunting Association. For that, I would like to thank the girls from the Breed Registry for being so quick during Christmas times. Puppies spend their days playing together, exploring the world in the garden outside of their dog run. Playing time is regularly alternated with rest and belly-filling. Last two weeks of being together before they go into their new families to make them happy.

Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B"

31.12.2021 PF 2022

 05.12.2021 - Litter "B" - 3 weeks

Puppies grow very fast. They underwent the first deworming and the first nail trimming. They enjoy the attention not only of Mia, their mom but also from Apple, the youngest addition to our kennel. She spends a lot of time with them, helping to clean them and poking them with her nose. Chief Inspector Apple is always first to come when any of them starts to cry. I called this litter "BRILLIANT " and the puppies already have names chosen by their owners. They are great, I like them a lot: Deet, Max, Harry, Lumi and Whisky. We have to wait for the last one to be named because the parents haven't decided yet. But they still have time.

Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B" Vrh "B"

16.11.2021 - Litter "B"

On Tuesday 16.11.21 - MIA - BITERSWEET SYMPHONY Canis Regnum gave birth to long-awaited puppies from litter "B". After a smooth and quick birth, 6 puppies were born - 4 dogs and 2 females. Everyone, including mom, is healthy and active, especially at night. The birth weights were and still are even in all puppies and the puppies grow very quickly. Furs are all creamy in two shades. Mia is an exemplary mother and takes amazing care of her puppies.

Vrh "B" Vrh "B"

28.10.2021 - Evaluation of DBK, DLK and genetic tests

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, a 12-month-old Apple - GRAVITY of Love LASTER GOLD underwent an X-ray examination of the hip and elbow joints as well as the shoulders. The images showed that Apple has completely healthy joints and received the best possible evaluation, which I am very happy about.  

HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, OCD neg.

Genetic results also arrived on Friday, and it's also something to be proud of:

GR PRA1 clear, GR  PRA2 clear, PRA/PRCD - neg., ICTa - clear


 24.10.2021 - Litter "B"

On November 16th, we are expecting puppies from litter "B" from our female MIA - Bitersweet Symphony Canis Regnum and Rover - Thornywait Fire N´Ice. I am very glad that the trip to this wonderful English gentleman was successful and that our kennel can welcome new puppies from this dog.

23.10.2021 - CACT Retriever Club Autumn Field Trial, Kosorín

After a month, Hoya - Amazing Hoya SnowWhite Beauty, attended the autumn tests so that she did not go out of practice. The new beautiful terrains in Kosorin plus a sunny day certainly brought me joy and, of course, so did Hoyka's performance. She is at the age when the results of several years of regular work with her begin to show. So, on Saturday, Hoyka gave a flawless performance with a full number of 200 points - deservedly so. She finished in the 1st prize with the title res CACT, but as a younger golden finished with the same number of points, according to the cynological rules we had to release the title to the younger dog. It is a joy to have the opportunity to watch te flawless performances of your dog companion and even of your bred dog.

15.9.2021 - CACT Retriever Club Autumn Field Trial, Bernolákovo

After we missed last year's testing season due to COVID-19, we started our first trials this year with number 9. The hot day caused dogs a bit of trouble, especially in tasks where it was necessary to run longer - spying. Hoya - Amazing Hoya SnowWhite Beauty entered the disciplines vigorously and after the first round, I knew that she would not make mistakes and we have a chance for a good result. And well - Hoyka finished in 1st prize with the res.CACT title and in the overall order of tests in second place out of 16 competitors. We lost a point in spying - I don't agree with this decision but you have to respect the judges' opinions. It didn't affect the overall grade. I think Hoyka did an excellent job after such a long break.

Hoya při výcviku

[5]Skúšky Bernolákovo Skúšky Bernolákovo Skúšky Bernolákovo Skúšky Bernolákovo Skúšky Bernolákovo


15.8.2021 - Hunting dogs National Show (CAC), Gorlice, Poland

We ended this show season beyond my expectations and I'm proud to have seen dog from our kennel in the final rounds for the most beautiful dog of the show. We ended our hot day like this:

MIA - BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY Canis Regnum - working class - Exc.1 CAC, judge: Pawel Osak - New Polish Champion

HOYA - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty - champion class - Exc.1 CAC, Best Bitch, BOB (Best of Breed), BIG4 (Best of Group), judge: Pawel Osak and Hoyka has become a candidate for Polish Champion.

Autumn in our kennel is no longer about shows, but about working trials. I hope that we will do as well in working tasks as we do in shows and that the end of the year will be calm. In the spring of the new year, we will hopefully be enjoying new puppies if everything goes well.



23 - 24.07.2021 - CAC & 2x CACIB Satu Mare, Romania

We took a short trip to the beautiful city of Satu Mare to finish the Multi champion and I think our mini-show team did well. Especially in the strong competition of Ukrainian breeders and their professional handlers. In the working class, the younger female HOYA - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty performed well - she received 3x excellent 1, CAC &r. CACIB & CACIB and met the conditions for the title of Romanian champion of Beauty. Since Hoya is the champion of several countries (SK, HU, RO), she has also become a Multi champion and a candidate for the Interchampion C.I.B. and C.I.E.

In the champion class, Hoyka's mother MIA - BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY Canis Regnum, who also did not disappoint in the strong competition, won 1x excellent 1 & CAC and 2x excellent 2 & 2xres.CAC and thus has become a candidate for the Romanian champion of Beauty.

I am very happy with the results of our little show team and I want to thank the great breeder of Irish setters Bronka Gloneková for professional grooming & handling.


03.07.2021 - OVVR ( Ability test of retrievers) Tatranská Štrba

On Saturday, APPLE - Gravity of love Laster Gold attended an event organised by the Slovak Retriever Club in Tatranská Štrba, which is near our home. We had done some training with Apple but didn’t feel very confident. Apple has been in our new home for 1.5 months, so she's just settling in, but she is also very smart and learns very quickly. By the time she came to us, she wasn't familiar with water - she had never been in it. After a week in Slovakia, she found out that she could swim and since she is a playful puppy, she mastered fetching from the water right from the beginning. We were able to do retrieving on dry land too and the other tasks were a piece of cake. We lost a point on retrievings, but we finished successfully in the 1st prize.


08.07.2021 - IDS NITRA

On Thursday, July 8, 2021, HOYA - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty participated in an international show in Nitra after a very long time to finally finish the championship. With our favourite handler Saska, they made their debut in the champion class (as Hoyka is already the champion of Hungary) with the Exc. 1 CAC and thus Hoya has also become the Slovak champion of Beauty and the Grand Champion's candidate.



After a lot of thinking and weighing the pros and cons, the heart won, and we brought home from Belarus a young lady Apple - GRAVITY OF LOVE LASTER GOLD.

Sire: Angelonato Makes People Talk, Dam: Guduin´s Riddl Intriga for Laster Gold.

I wish you, my little princess, that you have the best new home with us and, above all, a lot of health and success.


14.12.2020 - PF 2021

We wish all the fans of our kennel.

 12.12.2020 - Winter photo-editorial

The situation with Covid is not good and mainly because of that we did get to go on a single hunt, so we have a lot of free time. Thanks to another dog lady, I met an amazing woman and photographer - Simona Zátková. And thanks to he, this winter photo editorial was created. I am grateful to Simonka for these pictures. Here we could see how well and quickly it is possible to work with dogs if they are trained and obedient. We managed to shoot everything in less than 90 minutes in the beautiful nature of Mošnická valley at our home in the Low Tatras. For those who want to see more, there are more beautiful photos in the photo album.


hoya2 hoya2 hoya2 hoya2 hoya2 hoya2

27.10.2020 - Autumn in SnowWhite Beauty kennel

For all of us who are actively engaged in training our dogs, autumn is a time when our dogs in the field of work overcome the challenges that are placed before them and compete with each other for work titles. To participate in these challenges and eventually win trophies, we devoted a lot of time and effort to training. However, we couldn’t make use of this hard work because of this unfortunate period, which brought about the cancellation of all work tests. So we bring at least a few beautiful photos from the last training in Bernolákovo.


20-21-22.08.2020 - CACIB Szilvásvárad /HU/

We ended the three-day international show in Hungary with Hoyka - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty successfully. For the first time in the working class at 20 months, she received ratings from the judges.

20.08.2020 CACIB Szilvásvárad (judge Kardos Vilmos) - excellent 1, CAC

21.08.2020 CACIB Szilvásvárad (judge Linda Voláriková) - excellent 1, CAC

22.08.2020 CACIB Szilvásvárad (judge Beke Judit) - excellent 1, CAC

Hoya met the conditions for the title of HUNGARIA SHOW CHAMPION 

hu championhoya vystavy

17.07.2020 SUMMER CUP NITRA & 18.-19.07.2020 Retriever Blood tracking and Forests Trial

We started this long weekend after a long time on Friday with the international show Summer Cup Nitra and successfully so. Hoya - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty ran in the intermediate class excellent 1 & CAC & res. CACIB and thus has become a candidate for the Slovak Beauty Champion.

On Saturday morning, we moved to Nové Zámky, where we attended working tests together, which were covered by the Slovak Retriever Sports Club. We started slowly and on Saturday we finished the first of the RETRIEVER BLOOD TRACKING TESTS in the II prize, where we managed to do all tasks with full points, but the track for which Hoyka received 2 points automatically threw us into the 2nd prize. On Sunday we entered with number 3 for RETRIEVER FORESTS TRIAL. And track again - one derparture from track and point down, other tasks again all for 4 and the resulting 1st prize placement. Hoya is still gaining experience in her working tests, and since she was by far the youngest participant at this event, I am very proud of her.

skusky nove zamky

 28.6.2020 - Special show of retrievers without CAC/CAJC, Kamenný Mlyn

On the last Sunday of June, Hoya- AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty performed for the first time in a working class at the club retriever show in Kamenný Mlyn. She received Excellent 2 award, and nice ratings and since it was with this show that she fulfilled the last condition for breeding, this young lady became a brood bitch.

26.1.2020 - CACIB Nitra

At this year's first show, HOYA - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty was performing in the junior class on Sunday and was again awarded the Excellent 2 rating. Big thanks to our friend a perfect handler Saška, who makes a great team with Hoya in the show rings, for her help and perfect handling.

10.01.2020 - Evaluation of HD and ED

On Friday 10.01.2020 Hoya - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty underwent an X-ray examination of her hip and elbow joints as well as her shoulders. The scans showed that Hoya has completely healthy joints and received the best possible evaluation, which I am very pleased about:

HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, OCD neg.

IMGE 1131 800px IMGE 0904 800px

23.12.2019 - PF 2020

06 & 07 & 08.12.2019 - CACIB NITRA

The final show obligation is over. HOYA- Amazing Hoya SNOWWHITE BEAUTY performed for the first time in the junior class on 06&08.12, again with a lot of competition. On Friday, she received a nice review from Czech judge Zdenka Jílková with a funny remark that Hoyka is in great winter shape, i.e., she has 2-3 extra kilos. In the ring, she received an excellent 4. On Sunday, the goldens were judged by Slovak judge Daniela Bartošová and Hoya again received a beautiful rating - excellent 2. This year's mandatory tasks are behind us. Ahead of us is now only a well-deserved pheasant hunt - again for the first time - and winter resting.

02.11.2019 - CACT  Retriever Club Versatile Trial Adamovské jazerá Gbely

MIA - BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY Canis Regnum - we successfully finished 2019 on Saturday 02.11.2019. Mia completed the Top Exams -  Retriever Club Versatile Trial with 1st prize and with the title res. CACT. By successfully passing these tests, Mia has become a versatile dog, which is registered in the book of versatile dogs under no. U 294/19 of the Slovak Hunting Association.

12.10.2019 - CACT KJSR Letničie

On Saturday, October 12, we took part in the last Retriever Club Autumn Field Trial this year. Mia - BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY Canis Regnum has already participated in these tests several times, so she has some experience under her belt. As usual, she performed great. This year, she has been performing very consistently and took home the 1st prize, full points and as the best golden retriever also the CACT title. For Hojka - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty, however, these were the very first working tests and she passed them at 10 months with ease. Since she made a few beginner mistakes, she took home the 2nd prize. For her, it was a new experience - a lot of dogs, handlers and judges. It was a new experience for me as well - for the first time, I handled two dogs at tests, which is by no means easy.

25.08.2019 - puppies from litter "A" - 9 months

This is how puppies grew in 7 months in their new homes. They are no longer small babies, but young teenagers at 9 months. The whole litter was very successful, they take after both of their parents and the females are extremely similar to each other. The only Snow White among the princesses, Lilinka, received a gift in the form of a new little owner this month, so hopefully, they will be friends, as she is very popular with children in the area. Thank you to all the owners for their amazing care and I am extremely happy that everyone has found such homes.








03.08.2019 - CACT Special Retriever Club Water Trial, Budmerice

On Saturday, immediately after our vacation, Mia - BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY Canis Regnum participated in the Special Retriever Club Water Trial in Budmerice. Even though water is not Mia's strongest skill, she was flawless in activities with wild animals. We were distracted by shotgun shooting when tested for the standing steady skill. That was a lot not only for her but also for me. This minus point moved us to second place in the overall standings. We finished in 1st prize with 101b points. I would like to thank the SRC for organizing these tests and to everyone who attended. I appreciate this achievement very much, as this event beloned to the Marian Korič Memorial, organized by the Club of Builder Breeders and therefore we were judged by the judges with a strict builder's eye.

13.07.2019 - 14.07.2019  XXV Wystawa Psów Rasowych Nowy Targ

This week, Mia - BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY Canis Regnum performed in front of judges for the first time since having her puppies. She took part in two shows in Poland and got good evaluations in both. 13.07.2019 / judge Borkowski Tomasz, PL / - Exc 1, CWC, Best adult female, BOS a 14.07.2019 / judge Trzebiecki Wojciech, PL / - Exc.1, CWC, Best adult female, BOS. Thanks to these, she became a candidate for Beauty Champion of Poland, and she needs to win only one more CWC title. I am beyond happy that she entered the season so well.

07- 09.6.2019 - 3x CACIB Nitra

On the very first day of this international show, Hoya – AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty completed Puppy Champion of SK and got the last needed VP1 in the puppy class. What was once a tiny puppy is now a lovely 6-month-old young female who enjoys shows. We now have a summer full of hard work ahead of us to show in autumn that we are as good at working as we are in shows.


19.5.2019 - Retriever Club Autumn Field Trial CACT  Štepánov u Olomouce /CZ/

On Sunday. May 19th, Mia – BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY Canis Regnum attended Retriever Club Autumn Field Trial in the Czech Republic. We drew the number 13 and it brought us luck. Mia's performance was flawless. She was the only one to finish with all 4s, taking home two CACT &CCT titles (a candidate for Working Champion of the CZ and a candidate for a Club champion of the CZ) and becoming the Absolute winner of the tests.


3.05.2019 - Krajowa Wystawa Psow Ras Mysliwskych Jelešnia & 4.-5.05.2019 - CACIB Lučenec

This long weekend was a successful one for our sweet Hoya - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty. For the first time, she attended shows in the baby class and shocked us with the evaluations. She got 3x VP1 (very promising 1) and the Best minor puppy. She must get only one more VP1 to meet the requirements for Puppy Champion. I am very happy about the results and about the judges liking Hoya so much.

8.3.2019 - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty

HOYA undertook a genetic test for diseases typical for golden retrievers at 3 months. We have got great news and results: PRA/PRCD – clear, GR PRA1 &GR PRA2 - clear, ICTA - n/p. She’ll have to wait for her joint test until she is 12 months old.


2.2.2019 - AMAZING HOYA SnowWhite Beauty

This is a new member of our family – HOYA. A little monkey who won me over with her stable character and lovely exterior. She is a natural fetcher – I never know where my shoes are. She probably takes that after her parents. Hopefully, it will be the same with their working and show achievements.

20.1.2019 - Litter "A" - 8 weeks

There are only five of us now!

12.1.2019 - Litter"A" - 7 weeks

The puppies are enjoying their last moments of playing together before they head out to their new homes. They go outside five times a day. In places where there used to be flower beds, you would no longer see any. Even the cat realized that it might be better to stay at a safe height and not walk in the garden when these cheeky ones are outside.

1.1.2019 - Litter "A" - 5 weeks

The puppies got into a new environment and discovered the garden along with Mia. The real fun began when it was time for them to go back inside. This week, they are going to get dewormed for the third time, as well as vaccinated for the first time and microchipped.



23.12.2018 - Merry Christmas and PF 2019!

To all our friends and fans of our website, we wish you Merry Christmas and a successful new year 2019!

16.12.2018 - Litter "A" - 3 weeks

Our little ones from litter “A” are a bit bigger again. Let us introduce to you Amazing Ralf, Eliaa, Lily, Anny, Ice, Casey and Hoya. They weigh over 2 kilos, have endless energy and are, of course, the most amazing puppies in the world. Every puppy already has a future owner and I hope that all the puppies will bring them joy.

5.12.2018 - Litter "A" - 10 days

Our puppies from litter “A” are almost two weeks old. In this short time, they have grown, and they all weigh over 1 kilo. They are fast crawlers – especially when they crawl wherever mommy – the milk source – lies. This week, they will go for their first dewormation and nail trimming.

 25.11.2018 - Mia gave birth on my birthday and Katarina’s name day

On Sunday, Mia - Bitersweet Symphony Canis Regnum gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies – 5 females and 2 males. For a first-time mom, she did an amazing job and the whole birth went smoothly. All the puppies are very active and have perfect weight – they have managed to gain some weight already. Their fur is in various shades – from creme to light gold and gold. Mia is a great mom and takes good care of her puppies.

5.11.2018 - A new website

We have launched a new website for our golden retriever breed kennel SnowWhite Beauty.